Floating Motorola Razr Mockup

Floating Motorola Razr Mockup, Smashmockup

Realistic 3D mockup of Motorola Razr allows you to do what every seasoned product designer does: use mockups to test and receive feedback on a near-final design before the hard work of creating all the complex parts begins.

This floating mockup comes in the form of a PSD format file at a high resolution of 6000 x 4500 pixels. Offering a slanted side profile of the device, all you have to do is paste your design on the 3D layer to create the perfect representation of your application’s UI design.

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Motorola Razr Phone Mockup, Smashmockup

Motorola Razr Phone Mockup

Smartphone Motorola Razr Mockup, Smashmockup

Smartphone Motorola Razr Mockup